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All Web projects depend on the speed of the hosting services to provide fast response to their Web site page or API accesses.

Nowadays Cloudways provides very fast PHP hosting services integrated with advanced features and Web tools to guarantee optimum performance all the time.

Read this article to learn about how Cloudways hosting services and how they can provide better services to host your PHP projects that you develop for you and for your customers.

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In this article you will learn:

What is Cloudways and Why it is Important for You?

Top Features of the Cloudways Cloud Management Platform

What is Cloudways and Why it is Important for You?

Cloudways has made up its name heavily in the market as one of the top cloud hosting providers that offers extensive features and tools to manage Web applications.

The Cloudways platform works integrated with other top cloud servers providers well know in the world like Amazon, Google Cloud Engine, DigitalOcean, Vultr and Linode.

It provides simplified management of cloud servers for Web hosting with PHP and MySQL while it guarantees great performance and speed for all Web applications deployed via the Cloudways platform.

It provides several important features that help developers to easily build, deploy and optimize applications on the platform.

From ready to use tools to modern security features, the Cloudways platform is an ideal choice for the developers to deploy their Web applications and optimize them with the market oriented tools.

Not only known as the reputed Cloud hosting platform, but Cloudways also has a wide user community who regularly engages in healthy tech discussions, trending news and latest developments in the industry. This contributes as an overall improvement of the platform through regular community feedback and ongoing tech updates.

One of the best things is that Cloudways makes hosting Web sites and applications simpler when they are hosted in other platforms, like for instance DigitalOcean, as Cloudways service removes complication of setting up a cloud service without making it too expensive for the customers.

As an example of that, here follows a tutorial video that shows how to setup a Cloudways account to manage a Web site that will be hosted in Digital Ocean.

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Top Features of the Cloudways Cloud Management Platform

Though, there are several interesting advantages when using Cloudways that will be described in detail here, but here we’ll be looking on some of the unique features which may be different from the other hosting services in the market that you may know. So, let’s check them below in detail.

All The Necessary Resources in One Place with Cloudways Thunderstack

Cloudways provides a pre-built stack of known web tools called Thunderstack. This stack helps site administrators to optimize Web applications with all the necessary resources. The stack includes some known Web tools like Redis, Memcached, Varnish, PHP-FPM, Nginx and many others integrated at one place.

Once you launch an application in Cloudways, you get all these tools pre-configured in Thunderstack, giving no extra hassle to the developers to install and manage these tools manually.

That is why many customers love using Cloudways. It simplifies Web site management and optimization in one place.

Simplified  Installation of Top PHP Frameworks and CMS

Whether you want to install Laravel or want to work with Symfony or some other framework, Cloudways gives you options to easily get started with your desired project framework.

All the top PHP frameworks including CodeIgniter, Laravel, Zend Framework, CakePHP, Yii 2 and more others are supported by Cloudways. You can easily install them through Composer within few minutes, although Laravel is also available for one-click installation.

Similarly, the platform also has a wide range of CMS options to work with. Whether you are a WordPress enthusiast or want to build your online store on Magento, Cloudways provides you hassle-free installation of all these CMS on fingertips. Some of the popular CMS options on Cloudways are WordPress, Drupal, Magento, PrestaShop, Opencart, Joomla and few more others.

GitHub Deployment

Cloudways provides an easy means to deploy PHP projects and applications from GitHub. Knowing the importance of the Git as a software version control tool, the platform comes with built-in Git deployment feature which gives ease to the developers to transmit their projects, packages and much more from GitHub.

Similarly, if you want to install external libraries into your project, you can easily do so by using the built-in support for composer in Cloudways. It helps integrating various packages and libraries very easily into the project, reducing developers work load by avoiding that they need to perform these jobs manually.

Staging Environment

With Cloudways, you can test your Web applications easily for possible bugs and errors before taking it live.

Using the Staging feature, developers can first deploy their Web sites on test domains where they can analyze the applications performance and potential problems. This helps site administrators to fix those issues timely and view the application performance in real-time.

A default sub domain comes pre-installed with the newly launched application, making easy for the administrators to test the applications on those testing sub domains.

Overall, it's a great feature which helps developers know about the possible errors that may arise during the live deployment.

Pre-Configured MySQL Manager

To provide good database management, Cloudways provides a built-in database management tool called MySQL Manager.

It is developed with all the features and functions a regular MySQL platform comprises of, as it could be regarded as a ready-made database management tool on Cloudways.

You can perform all your required database tasks through MySQL manager including CRUD operation and much others.

If you do not want to use MySQL manager for your projects, you can also install PHPMyAdmin on the platform by going through a simple process.

Team Collaboration for Developers

In Cloudways, you can manage your team of fellow developer mates using platform's team feature.

It provides you the flexibility to assign one team member to be part of other teams in order to functionalize jobs better. This way the collaboration within the project becomes easier and allows you to prioritize developer jobs with great control.

SSH and SFTP for Individual Applications

Cloudways allows you to use SSH or SFTP to manage files and folders of the hosted applications.

Furthermore, Cloudways gives two types of credentials for app management: Master and Application credentials. You can use any of them for SSH and SFTP access and can easily update or delete files on the server.

Cloudways API for Custom PHP Applications

Using Cloudways API, you can build custom Web applications on the platform with advanced features.

The platform's built-in API is a perfect fit for the e-commerce store owners, digital agencies and others to build their custom applications on top of it.

From integrating server options to automating workflows, you can perform different jobs on the platform using the simple yet cutting-edge Cloudways API.

Pre-configured and Custom PHP Settings

There are several PHP settings which comes pre-configured with the Cloudways server that helps reducing your manual setup time load. These include default configured APC memory, Max input time, Opcache memory, Max input variables and few others.

You can also set custom PHP settings based on your application requirements from the advanced settings area, where you can define preferred parameters and can enable and disable few performance optimization tools.


To conclude we can say that Cloudways is a complete Cloud hosting solution that offers reliability, security and optimum performance for Web applications at an affordable price.

The platform allows administrators to use advanced Web tools to optimize their applications speed and gives them complete control over it.

That is why, Cloudways is reputed solution in the PHP cloud hosting market and is preferred as the first choice by many developers for deploying applications on Cloud.

If you still have questions regarding the platform or want to contribute your thoughts about this article, feel free to write down below in the comments section.

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